Make the world more beautiful with Zinkod

Zinkod - a resource that is embodied in practice interesting and relevant ideas.

Zinkod hallmarks is the idea of joint creativity and creativity to improve the world around us. Zinkod this idea :

• We are close - without borders

• We understand - without language barriers

• We are one - no individual groups

We offer to create ! New, beautiful , unusual - everything that brings joy to people and paints in bright colors of their everyday lives , forcing smile and get aesthetic and spiritual enjoyment .

Household appliances Zinkod

Just imagine that you can wake up every morning to get out to the kitchen , where there is a fridge in the form of eggplants , gas stove looks like pepper . And waiting in the bathroom washing machine in the form of an apple . Abundance of colors, shapes , originality ! Freshness of natural beauty make breathe deeply and smile . Splendor of all colors and shapes, is wanted ! And where you want to sleep and wake up ? Just think how far can make fantasy! After all, new and bright design awaits everything - cars, furniture , accessories , tableware , landscape.

With Zinkod users do not have any boundaries .

Infrastructure from Zinkod

Zinkod idea may be not only at home but also in the street. Decorative elements transform the interior and landscape beyond recognition. Like a fairy tale ? But it is a reality ! If you meet somewhere poles, pipelines or crosswalks so original that you want to photograph them - you know , that is likely to work on them in Zinkod.

Project participants provide , improve and implement practical solutions that attract attention and give a real joy. Designed by Zinkod can not leave anyone indifferent.

Modern technology Zinkod

First of all, it is worth noting that the decorative materials are easily made , easy to install and have protective properties against external influences . This is a great addition to the aesthetic beauty that is becoming that faces Zinkod.

Technological development allows products that go far beyond traditional solutions - increasing functionality , changing shapes, colors , embodying dreams.

Release of goods to be carried out on the basis of public interest. Demand for new design solutions will encourage manufacturers to introduce new developments and ideas.

You need to create an entirely new direction in the development of equipment and technology in general . Change the attitude to the process of production of household products and their applications .

Big Idea Zinkod

The main idea of ​​the project Zinkod - collective creativity when creating a new happening together. This is a unique opportunity in their own way , because every person to participate in building a world that will surround him . This is an opportunity of self-expression . Unexpected design finds any contemporary art can be widely debated . The most incredible culture can adapt and supplement , becoming bright desire for better and more beautiful . What yesterday was fantastic , today can become a reality ! Why ? Because together !

How to communicate with the whole world on one language? Help Zingi! Expand

«Cosmopolitan can not be, but understand neighbor, you shall!», - perhaps, this principle is followed by the creators of Zingi - new interethnic language that will attract participants in the dialogue has many advantages.
First, the rules Zingi reflect our desire for simplicity. Alphabet combines the familiar Latin letters, so don't worry about the settings, gadgets and purchase unusual keyboard - the characters are always in front of you. By means of an alphabet transferred almost all the sounds used by representatives of different language groups.

Zingi - realized dream of the polyglot! List of rules spelling is minimized, because each letter corresponds to its transcription - word pronunciation and spelling. You not will be surprised by the difference between the number of letters and sounds.

Language Zingi pleasing no complex rules of pronunciation and use of accents. «Ship» (the ship) and «sheep» (sheep) is a classic example of the influence of longitude sound at the end of the phrase, that could surprise. Zingi exclude such incidents. In addition, for the formation of new words is a lack of the minimum set of sounds. Zingi implies a reduction in the vocabulary necessary for the full exchange of information.

Everything is clear, everything is like in Internet

The second advantage Zingi - its consistency with the current style of communication in the web space. Now you can make the text by means of letters and visual images. Passing meaning in different ways, the dialogue participants exchanged concise and meaningful messages.

For emotional support text you can use the icon. For example, the emoticons are well known all smiles. Today without tandem parenthesis and a colon, it is difficult to imagine email correspondence. Perhaps ethics of business communication does not always mean the use of smileys, but in other cases, these simple icons help Express the joy, resentment, disappointment, excitement. They have become the transnational elements of electronic messages and Zingi only uses their functions.

In the world it is hard to find a truly original languages, because the vocabulary of every nation changed under the influence of the countries-conquerors or allies, gradually included neologisms and even slang expressions. For example, our ancestors did not confused the «eyes» and «eyes». The last word was known as the «balls» or «stones». Correspondence users of the Internet involves the use of new words that have not added dictionaries, but are already established in the speech. Therefore Zingi difficult to call an artificial language, because it was a reflection of contemporary colloquial style.

Zingi is aimed to destroy barriers in international communication, while not disputing the identity of the national languages. The principle of playing sounds, games with the rules of spelling, pronunciation - these and other features unites Zingi. The viability of a new language is confirmed dialogue in social networks, modern musical trends and graffiti.

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